Gastronomic tourism predictions & preparation, post-COVID

Let us take you back to a time where tourists could wander off the beaten path and onto the rugged cobblestones of a road-less-travelled neighbourhood, exploring the bustling local markets through a delight of aromas and friendly unfamiliar faces during an authentic food and walking tour. Tasting sauces with strangers, breaking bread with locals and learning about cultures through the eyes (and taste buds) of travelling gastronomes.

Now fast-forward to our current times of the pandemic, where the only thing we are breaking with strangers are personal boundaries and the foodies with wanderlust are now craving a cooking and cultural…

With essential questions fermenting around the “just in time” global food supply chain, the sustainability of the food industry has recently been a topic that is difficult to digest.

An industry which has been ever-changing, the food supply chain has undergone a world-wide transformation over the past two years as the needs of consumers have impacted many areas of the industry, including the closure of many restaurants and the spike in supermarket sales. …

I am quite convinced that cooking is the only alternative to filmmaking.” — Warner Herzog (German film director)

Hidden meanings. Emotions. Character development. Throughout history, food has played a significant role in delivering and supporting key messages across various art forms. With food centred around many cultures, traditions, and roles, it is no wonder that food used in film has had such an affect in portraying significant meanings. From questioning traditional roles to using food as a metaphor for identity or status, food has played a key role in communicating a colourful spectrum of narratives and notions in moving…

Learn the five key ingredients to professionally written recipes for publication

“Add a handful of this, a pinch of that and Bob’s your uncle!” — Your family recipe, scribbled on one of many stained pages in the kitchen’s cookbook cupboard.

Is your infamous chocolate cake requested at every social gathering? Do you have timeless pasta recipes which have been handed down through generations? From advanced pastry chefs to the head of the family kitchen, there is a wealth of recipe knowledge waiting to be shared. Food has brought people together since history and you no longer need to be a…

From tracing the origins of Chinese pancakes to visiting the kitchens of Estonian chefs, Justin Bergman has scoured the planet for some of the best places to eat and drink. He is the deputy politics and society Editor at The Conversation, reported across China and South East Asia as the Shanghai correspondent for Monocle magazine contributed to The New York Times travel pages, published in Roads & Kingdom, The Guardian and other publications. Justin shares the secrets of successful food writing with Le Cordon Bleu consulting editor Sona Bahadur.

How did you get started in food writing and can you…

Cocoon-like dining spaces, mood-altering lights, fragrances paired with food — the haute end of the restaurant chain is simmering with multi-sensory intrigue. Le Cordon Bleu contributing editor Sona Bahadur explores the growing popularity of immersive gastronomic experiences that stimulate not just taste buds but all of the senses to heighten the pleasure of eating.

Can a lollipop evoke the same feelings as listening to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture? Can an edible version of a Jackson Pollock painting be created on the dining table? Can a loaf of heritage wheat bread bring alive the last supper prepared in Pompeii moments before Mt…

With the world’s population set to swell to 10 billion by 2050, the time to solve the global food crisis is running out. How will we meet the demands of an expanding population? Can technology fix the gaps and flaws in the food system? With a ringside view of the global food supply chain gained from spending long years in food retail and hospitality, leading Australian food consultant Hilary Heslop shares her thoughts on building a more sustainable food world.

Hilary Heslop

How did you get interested in the world of food and what made you take it up as a career?

Food has been photographed and shared for over a century. From the painterly still lifes of the 1800s — think luscious ripe peaches, cantaloupes and bunches of grapes strewn on white tablecloths — to the cult of avocado toast on Instagram, food images continue to evoke desire, delight, and yes, hunger. Showing food in all its glory is both an art and a science. Sona Bahadur lists 10 golden rules to step up your food photography.

Photo by Nelly Le Comte I

1. Know your audience Are you shooting for an advertisement, an editorial food magazine, a website, a cookbook spread, a restaurant menu, or your…

Why do some food businesses thrive while others fade away? Can creativity and profitability go hand in hand and fuel the success of a culinary enterprise? Dr. Susie Chant, renowned Australian food entrepreneur and owner of award-winning restaurants and hospitality ventures, shares her key lessons in entrepreneurship with Le Cordon Bleu Consulting Editor Sona Bahadur.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

How did you start your culinary career?

I was always inclined towards food. After working in the UK at Blenheim Palace — the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill and the home of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough — and learning to cook game birds…

Mauritius makes an interesting case study for insights into best practices for product development and promotion for emerging food destinations, notes Le Cordon Bleu Consulting editor Sona Bahadur, who spent her recent visit exploring the island’s gastronomy.

Photo by Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash

There is more to Mauritius than sugary white beaches and cerulean lagoons. Like its eclectic cuisine, which simmers with Indian, Chinese, European and Creole flavours. Though its food scene has largely flown under the international radar, the tropical paradise is reinventing itself as an up-and-coming food destination. On a recent media visit, I got a taste of how Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, in…

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