Gastronomic tourism predictions & preparation, post-COVID

Let us take you back to a time where tourists could wander off the beaten path and onto the rugged cobblestones of a road-less-travelled neighbourhood, exploring the bustling local markets through a delight of aromas and friendly unfamiliar faces during an authentic food and walking tour. Tasting sauces with strangers, breaking bread with locals and learning about cultures through the eyes (and taste buds) of travelling gastronomes.

Now fast-forward to our current times of the pandemic, where the only thing we are breaking with strangers are personal boundaries and the foodies with wanderlust are now craving a cooking and cultural…

With essential questions fermenting around the “just in time” global food supply chain, the sustainability of the food industry has recently been a topic that is difficult to digest.

An industry which has been ever-changing, the food supply chain has undergone a world-wide transformation over the past two years as the needs of consumers have impacted many areas of the industry, including the closure of many restaurants and the spike in supermarket sales. …

Nelly le Comte Photography

Nelly le Comte is a sought-after professional photographer and Food Photography teacher with a vibrant career. Across her 36 years behind a camera, she has travelled the globe drawing out the beauty in everything she photographs. Discover her story beyond the lens of how she is inspiring budding photographers of all ages to pursue their passion.

“Oh, freelance photography… that’s just a hobby, isn’t it?” That’s what people ask me at networking events. My answer? Well, it’s quite a nice hobby. But it’s a job! And it’s the type of job that you can do anywhere in the world. I…

by Sarah Rainey

The humble Yorkshire pudding may be a proud culinary invention of its namesake county, but it often overshadows the rest of the incredible food on offer in ‘God’s own country’. Yorkshire is more than just pudding, in fact, the restaurant scene has evolved in recent years and is now offering seven Michelin starred restaurants out of the 40 Yorkshire restaurants featured in the guide. For travellers who haven’t visited yet, Yorkshire is a grand county of dales, moors and shores dotted with sheep and quaint villages. …

New research highlights the scale of the problem that exists within our own homes

by Sophie Cripps

Photo credit: Tijana Drndarsko unsplash

“Granny, these expired in 1992!” I exclaimed aghast, clambering back out of the cupboard and clutching the tin of beans aloft like some kind of radioactive time bomb. It was 2006. “They’re older than me!” added my youngest sister, giggling. “It’s all tinned dears, they don’t go off” she replied in a calm, rationalised manner, taking the tin and placing it back on the shelf.

My grandmother had lived through The Second World War, and the regime of rationing had left its indelible, permanent mark. In…

by Sam Arshi

They say good ideas start with great coffee. But what if caffeine wasn’t the only source of mental stimulation? What if there was another way to naturally awaken the giant within? Meet Daffee: An organic certified caffeine-free energy booster drink made entirely from up-cycled roasted date seeds.

A stimulant surprisingly similar in taste to instant coffee, but slightly more robust, natural, and nuttier, the founders Rahaf Al Lymoni and her husband Tamim Kbarh came up with the name Daffee as an homage to coffee, a clever wordplay between date and coffee. …

by Nhung Pham

I remember vaguely that it was about 6.00 AM. I jerked out of my sleep, hearing loud noises of drums, gongs, a parade. I rubbed my eyes from my bed in the mezzanine I shared with my sister. The space only fit one double mattress and a desk — we called it the deluxe suite of our childhood. I pushed the mossy green curtain to one side, stuck my head out of the window, filled my lungs with fresh morning air.

Photo credit: Robertus Pudyanto

I could see a colourful and lively mass procession, about 12 elderly people dressed in black ao dai —…

By Kevoulee Sardar

When indentured labourers first arrived at the port of Natal, after a 45-day journey from the South of India, they were dispersed along the coast of KwaZulu-Natal to work on sugar cane plantations owned by the British. A total of 152,184 Indians were shipped to South Africa from 1860 to 1911. On a five-year working contract, they were promised a better life: decent working conditions, adequate housing, clothing and medical care. But instead, they were met with adverse conditions, betrayal, and abuse comparable to slavery.

Labourers were given rations of yellow split peas (known as dhal in…

by Isobel Parks

Nothing about Battenburg cake appears to be simple — even the name can be Battenberg or Battenburg. Do you use Genoese or Victoria sponge for the squares? Should there be four squares or the original nine? Read on to find out more….

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

This staple of many prestigious British afternoon tea venues is rumoured to have been created in honour of the marriage of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Princess Victoria to Prince Louis of Battenberg in 1884. Many of us are familiar with the supermarket product — a small, mass-produced, brick-shaped, plain oblong of pink and white sponge, wrapped…

by Sarah Geard

Photo credit Markus Winkler Unsplash

Hidden just outside central London, in the borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames is New Malden, a small town known for its large Korean population and abundance of Korean restaurants. It’s long been off the radar, but well worth the trip for anyone interested in Korean fare.

If you have time to take a stroll down the high street, there are some interesting gems hidden amongst the usual Boots and Poundlands. Seoul Plaza, a supermarket selling mainly Korean, but also Japanese and Chinese, food and products are worth stopping by. …

Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning

Le Cordon Bleu is justifiably proud of its reputation as a leader in gastronomy and culinary arts education and this extends to the delivery of online learning.

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