Studying Food in Art Captured a New Perspective, a Professional Photographer’s Story

Jeff Chouw is the Head Photographer for Marina Bay Sands Singapore, specialising in commercial food and beverage photography. Following his completion of Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning 10-week Food in Art course, Jeff has given us insight into his experience and professional learning journey.

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3 min readDec 15, 2021
Jeff Chouw Photography

Tell us more about your role at Marina Bay Sands.

I am currently the Chief Photographer for Marina Bay Sands, an iconic luxury hotel resort in Singapore. I have been with the company as a photographer for 11 years, with the food and beverage outlets as my main portfolio. Over the years, I have created food visuals for restaurants under world-renowned chefs such as Guy Savoy, Gordon Ramsey, Daniel Boulud, Wolfgang Puck, Tetsuya Wakuda and Nancy Silverton.

Why did you choose to study with Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning?

I was referred to Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning through a friend. After looking at the curriculum for the 10-week Food in Art course, I was very interested in the opportunity to study food through time. The course explores food in its artistic forms, from renaissance art to modern mediums, such as movies. It is such a unique way of looking at food and art. It’s a must to learn!

Jeff Chouw Photography

Describe your experience learning with us and what you loved about the course.

Two words that come to mind are ‘global’ and ‘diversity’.

The subject of Food in Art itself is already interesting, but what I loved most about the course was learning alongside people from all over the world, all with different backgrounds. I learnt so much with the different perspectives from various cultures, yet there are so many things we find in common too. It was great to experience the curriculum together with my fellow classmates and Demet Güzey [the instructor].

What is the most memorable thing the course taught you?

From the perspective of learning, nearly every lesson challenges my thinking in real time. The amount of great information from the instructor is fantastic, she also engages us to think and share our immediate reactions and responses. This opened us up to further conversations on the subjects. Coupling the engaging content with the enrichment of different inputs from my fellow classmates, it really was a vibrant and memorable learning experience.

How have you applied what you learned to your professional life?

After completing the Food in Art course, I see a very different approach to my personal and commercial work in food photography. When I work with clients on projects, I am able direct them into looking at the visual narration of food with more depth and incorporating other messages that they would like to deliver visually.

Jeff Chouw Photography

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