Gastronomic tourism predictions & preparation, post-COVID

Let us take you back to a time where tourists could wander off the beaten path and onto the rugged cobblestones of a road-less-travelled neighbourhood, exploring the bustling local markets through a delight of aromas and friendly unfamiliar faces during an authentic food and walking tour. Tasting sauces with strangers, breaking bread with locals and learning about cultures through the eyes (and taste buds) of travelling gastronomes.

Now fast-forward to our current times of the pandemic, where the only thing we are breaking with strangers are personal boundaries and the foodies with wanderlust are now craving a cooking and cultural…

With essential questions fermenting around the “just in time” global food supply chain, the sustainability of the food industry has recently been a topic that is difficult to digest.

An industry which has been ever-changing, the food supply chain has undergone a world-wide transformation over the past two years as the needs of consumers have impacted many areas of the industry, including the closure of many restaurants and the spike in supermarket sales. …

By Kevoulee Sardar

When indentured labourers first arrived at the port of Natal, after a 45-day journey from the South of India, they were dispersed along the coast of KwaZulu-Natal to work on sugar cane plantations owned by the British. A total of 152,184 Indians were shipped to South Africa from 1860 to 1911. On a five-year working contract, they were promised a better life: decent working conditions, adequate housing, clothing and medical care. But instead, they were met with adverse conditions, betrayal, and abuse comparable to slavery.

Labourers were given rations of yellow split peas (known as dhal in…

by Isobel Parks

Nothing about Battenburg cake appears to be simple — even the name can be Battenberg or Battenburg. Do you use Genoese or Victoria sponge for the squares? Should there be four squares or the original nine? Read on to find out more….

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

This staple of many prestigious British afternoon tea venues is rumoured to have been created in honour of the marriage of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Princess Victoria to Prince Louis of Battenberg in 1884. Many of us are familiar with the supermarket product — a small, mass-produced, brick-shaped, plain oblong of pink and white sponge, wrapped…

by Sarah Geard

Photo credit Markus Winkler Unsplash

Hidden just outside central London, in the borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames is New Malden, a small town known for its large Korean population and abundance of Korean restaurants. It’s long been off the radar, but well worth the trip for anyone interested in Korean fare.

If you have time to take a stroll down the high street, there are some interesting gems hidden amongst the usual Boots and Poundlands. Seoul Plaza, a supermarket selling mainly Korean, but also Japanese and Chinese, food and products are worth stopping by. …

Learn how to bring your food product idea to market with these three tips from Chief Strategy, Innovation & Growth Leader, Alexander Runne.

Alexander Runne has worked across the USA, UK, Asia and now Australia as a leader in the brand and innovation space. Alex has spent much of his innovation career driving new product pipelines and creating innovation processes for the world’s largest food companies including Pepsico, Kraft Australia, Coca Cola, and Mondelez APAC. Having gone from corporate leadership to packaging his own food business, Alex has an expansive toolkit of anecdotes and experiences to share.

Becoming a food entrepreneur and developing your product and brand can be one of the most pivotal moments in your working life. Whether you are looking…

By Susie Corley

The whitewashed villages of Las Alpujarras

Sitting in the middle of a beautiful restaurant just off Plaza Bib Rambla, Abuelita lifts her skirt to fan herself, flashing an alarmingly large pair of starched white knickers. She grabs the waiter by the sleeve and rudely demands a drink, in the voice of a petulant child.

We’ve just finished our tapa of pinchos morunos, tender cubes of Moorish spiced pork, made more delicious by the fact that we don’t have to pay for it. (Granada is one of the last places in Spain to provide free tapas with your drink.)

“There’s too much cumin, chica

by Sebastian Heuser

Negroni has been on the cocktail menus of this world for over one hundred years.
Anyone who has ever tasted this well-rounded drink, a slightly oily composition of Campari, gin and vermouth stirred with ice, strained over ice and garnished with orange zest, will succumb to it. Don’t underestimate it though: The mixture packs a punch.

The Negroni originated in Florence when Count Camillo Negroni demanded a “stronger Americano” in a bar. The bartender, Fosco Scarselli, complied by filling it up with gin instead of soda. …

By Camilla Colavolpe

Because you can spend days discovering new tastes and exploring new formats, Turin’s food scene is never boring. But there is one place where you keep going over and over because of its specials and millennial feel: Uagliò pizza in the young and multicultural San Salvario area. Outside, it seems like a charming French bodega, but inside, when you give a bite to that soft pizza of theirs, oh boy! You feel like you’re in Naples, eating mammà’s inviting delicacies handed down for generations together with a cool posse of youngsters.

Move over kale, there’s a new superfood in town. Explore the facts vs fiction to decide if kelp is the best change you’ll make for your health in 2021.

It seems like every year, there is a new ‘superfood’. Whether it is a lack of research or just clever marketing, it is difficult to truly define if the latest superfood trend is actually good for you or not. As kelp emerges from underwater forests and onto our plates, we are facing the health claims of this new nutrient-rich alternative with suspicion. Should we really be swapping kale for kelp?

Kale: It’s not easy being green

After a lot of convincing, Kale has finally been accepted as a health food staple. Whilst it is one of the most nutrient-dense plant…

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