Gastronomic tourism predictions & preparation, post-COVID

by Amrita Sarkar

What do Singaporeans actually drink? If a cup of tea is not the top beverage in the UK, what is?

Find out what is one of the most popular beverages around the world and learn how a handful of countries enjoy it!


by Fernanda S. Gustin

“Go on, Nanda! Grab those glasses that were left on the table with some wine and let’s drink!” My sister said to me.

- What if Mom wakes up?! She will be very mad! You do it!

- “No! You get them, or we go together and if someone sees, we’ll run.”

We were happy during those dangerous and forbidden times, it was adventurous. I must have been seven or eight years old at most, and my sister was two years younger. We didn’t even question the fact that we were drinking the leftover drinks left in the glasses by other people. This was not an issue we had to think about in the eighties. Today, I see my 20’s daughter and my 15’s nephew worrying about hygiene, bacteria and viruses. Their generation was worrying about this even before COVID-19 happened.

Photo Credit: Hôtel Molitor Paris-MGallery

Photo credit: Eataly

Nelly le Comte Photography

by Sarah Rainey

by Sophie Cripps

Photo credit: Tijana Drndarsko unsplash

Le Cordon Bleu Online Learning

Le Cordon Bleu is justifiably proud of its reputation as a leader in gastronomy and culinary arts education and this extends to the delivery of online learning.

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